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We offer two additional services, Hybrid and Dedicated Cloud, that make it possible for your business to benefit from cloud hosting even if security, regulatory or technical requirements have previously prevented it.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud gives you the best of both worlds. Mix the features and power of the cloud with traditional dedicated hardware together in one network.

You can still take advantage of Cloud Lab even if your network must contain specialist vendor specific hardware appliances or company policy dictates that certain servers within your network must remain as dedicated, physical machines.

Hybrid Cloud blends your physical infrastructure seamlessly with our cloud by hosting your devices within one of our two high specification data centres.

The result is secure, fast communication between highly available and scalable Cloud Servers and your specialist physical hardware.

A typical scenario might contain Cloud Servers handling fluctuating web traffic and seamlessly connecting to financial transaction servers and SQL servers via a secure private network.

Diagram showing typical Hybrid cloud configuration

Other Hybrid Cloud usage scenarios:

- Intensive database server behind scalability Cloud Server web servers
- Telecoms application behind Cloud Server web servers
- SMS application behind Cloud Server web servers
- Special or custom connectivity, VPN and firewall requirements
- Special or custom storage requirements

Dedicated Cloud

Sometimes sharing just won't do - we can build your very own cloud, dedicated to you, in our data centre or yours. Experience the cloud whilst maintaining control.

With built in high availability, scalability and backup a dedicated cloud gives you an almost limitless platform on which to set up and tear down servers to your heart's content. For a monthly fee we'll take care of the design, hardware, software, licensing and support of your cloud.

Your cloud will be controlled by our unique Cloud Control software and looked after 24/7/365 by our experienced cloud engineers. We can build your dedicated cloud in as little as six weeks, and because each cloud is fully managed you don't require any in house expertise to establish or support your dedicated cloud.

Typical dedicated cloud specification:
Citrix Xenserver Essentials Enterprise
4 x Dell PowerEdge servers each with 40GB memory and 8 x 2Ghz CPU cores
2 x 5TB Dell Equallogic or Cloud Lab own brand SANs
HP gigabit networking
Capable of supporting between 45 and 65 servers
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