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Benefits (or why you'd be mad not to use us)

Cloud Lab isn't just about clever technology leaving traditional servers in the shade - real businesses can seriously benefit from using it.

Can you afford to ignore benefits like these?

Scale up and down when you need to
Donít waste money purchasing more server power than you need just in case demand spikes. Cloud Lab means you can instantly scale CPU, memory and storage up and down when you need it. Learn more >

Never fail again
Cloud Servers include built in High Availability - if something goes wrong they automatically recover. Failure can no longer take down your business. Learn more >

Save money
Compared to traditional hosting Cloud Lab delivers financial savings by including advanced features like High Availability, scalability and backups as standard.

Be future proof
Unlike traditional servers Cloud Lab can't be brought down by hardware failure - because it doesn't rely on any one item of hardware. This also means you don't have to worry about replacing hardware as it gets older.

Keep your data safe
At Cloud Lab we replicate your data constantly as standard. The result is that you're making your data much safer by choosing to use Cloud Lab. Learn more >

Avoid unpleasant surprises
Cloud Lab makes it easy to see if your apps will work on a different operating system or patch level. With Cloud Lab you can instantly set up and tear down test environments, as often as you like.

Focus on what matters
When you know your servers can never run out of space or power you are released from the hassle of constantly monitoring resource usage.

Easy migration
With over a decadeís IT experience under our belts, we have the tools and the talent to easily move you over to a virtual platform. If your requirement is large enough our migration experts will even migrate your servers, one by one, for free.

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